Gladstone St. Pizza
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • No plastic is ever used, cocktails to-go in reusable glass bottles.
Cedo's Falafels and Gyros
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Accompanying hot sauce sides come in small plastic containers, hummus and baba ganoush in plastic tubs
Café Eleven
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Plastic free (except for cold drinks cups).  Backyard-compostable straws, Huskee cups made from coffee husks available for sale.
Fish & Rice
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Poke is served in paper containers with plastic lids.
  • 1 oz plastic ramekins for ginger, wasabi, and soy as well as the lids on the miso soups
Bunk Sandwiches
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Our ramekins for dressing and sauce are plastic, as well as to-go drinks.
Cliff's PDX
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • All packaging is plastic-free, and you can bring your own paper grocery bag for takeout!
La Buca
  • Pastas come in plastic-lined paper boxes.  In pre-COVID times, reusable containers were accepted for take-out.
Southpark Seafood
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Mostly compostable paper takeout boxes with plastic used in some small containers, straws and plastic lining inside soup containers.
Cheryl's on 12th
  • Looks like the take-out was plastic-free except for small sauce containers!
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Soup comes in a plastic container, as well as plastic 4oz portion cups for salad dressings and sauces
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • We use hard plastic for our vegan yogurt and cream cheese, sell glass jars of kraut with a plastic lid, and use plastic cups for togo drinks.
Pho Van (Beaverton Town Square)
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • The only plastic that we use are: soup container lid, sandwich bag that we put the bean sprout in, and the togo drink cup.
Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • We are a zero waste restaurant! Our to-go packaging primarily consists of waxed paper and non-polycoated paper boxes.  We use glass jars for pantry items like our bone broth.  There is, however, a supply chain shortage for mason jars, and as a result we use standard deli containers for some pantry items, made from PP plastic.  The containers we use are standard sized, washable and reusable. We hope that our customers are able to use the containers for food storage in their own pantry.
Dick's Primal Burger (NE)
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Sauce containers, milkshake cups and soup lids are plastic
Ya Hala
  • Ya Hala lids are plastic, and they use a round container that is paper but with plastic film.  But their take out boxes are entirely paper and compostable.