• Restaurant verified ✅
  • We use hard plastic for our vegan yogurt and cream cheese, sell glass jars of kraut with a plastic lid, and use plastic cups for togo drinks.
Café Eleven
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Plastic free (except for cold drinks cups).  Backyard-compostable straws, Huskee cups made from coffee husks available for sale.
  • Can bring your own containers if you order there and wait, else takeout is in paper packaging
Fish & Rice
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Poke is served in paper containers with plastic lids.
  • 1 oz plastic ramekins for ginger, wasabi, and soy as well as the lids on the miso soups
Pho Van (Beaverton Town Square)
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • The only plastic that we use are: soup container lid, sandwich bag that we put the bean sprout in, and the togo drink cup.
  • Update 2/7/22: someone has reported that they use plastic takeout containers unless you specifically request non-plastic packaging!
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Soup comes in a plastic container, as well as plastic 4oz portion cups for salad dressings and sauces
Ya Hala
  • Ya Hala lids are plastic, and they use a round container that is paper but with plastic film.  But their take out boxes are entirely paper and compostable.
Homegrown Smoker
  • Can request compostable paper containers, else they serve in Ecobox (paper with plastic lining)
Farmer and the Beast
  • Bowls have compostable containers with plastic lids.  Other items may use paper boxes.
Papi Chulo's
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Paper packaging except for salsas/sauce ramekins
The Soop
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • No plastic packaging used except for microgreens salad
Cheryl's on 12th
  • Looks like the take-out was plastic-free except for small sauce containers!
Dick's Primal Burger (NE)
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Sauce containers, milkshake cups and soup lids are plastic
La Buca
  • Pastas come in plastic-lined paper boxes.  In pre-COVID times, reusable containers were accepted for take-out.