Fish & Rice
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Poke is served in paper containers with plastic lids.
  • 1 oz plastic ramekins for ginger, wasabi, and soy as well as the lids on the miso soups
UCHU Sushi
  • Uses plastic containers for take-out, but you can bring your own containers if you order there and wait (when they are not too busy)
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • We serve our ginger and wasabi sometimes in plastic to go containers. So if someone wanted a plastic free order they should specify that they want ginger and wasabi in our paper containers. Also we use soy packets for our take out orders so it’s helpful if the customer has their own. Miso soup, fish roe, and creamy Scallops also come in a container with a plastic lid as well.
Southpark Seafood
  • Restaurant verified ✅
  • Mostly compostable paper takeout boxes with plastic used in some small containers, straws and plastic lining inside soup containers.